Vincenzo Marchica

Chairman of Intelligent Automation Congress

"Enjoy your time meanwhile while the robots work for you!"


RPA & AI Expert, Chairman @ Intelligent Automation Congress, President & Ambassador @ RPA Italy, Chief Evangelist @ Vincix Group, Speaker and author of "RPA for Everyone", Vincenzo was an early adopter of RPA, he is one of the few people in the industry who can genuinely claim to have a fair decade of real-world RPA experience. He is an experienced professional, with a clear focus on solving business problems with technology. He is an early adopter and Innovator in the RPA industry.

Vincenzo invests his time in researching new solutions and new technologies that can help and speed up business innovation processes.

Intelligent Automation Congress was born with the mission to promote and spread the subjects of Intelligent Automation, AI, innovations, and all the topics that will help us to change (and hopefully get it better) our daily work.



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