Vincenzo Marchica

Founder @ Intelligent Automation Congress

"Enjoy your time meanwhile while the robots work for you!"


Top Process Automation Voice | RPA & AI Expert | Chairman @ Intelligent Automation Congress | Chief Evangelist @ Vincix Group | Speaker & Author 
With over a decade of hands-on experience in the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), I’m deeply committed to revolutionizing how businesses operate. As an industry pioneer, I’ve been an early adopter of RPA, and today, I proudly hold a prominent position among the few professionals with genuine, real-world RPA expertise.
I’m not just a practitioner; I’m a problem solver. My career is defined by a relentless pursuit of solutions that drive efficiency, enhance productivity, and elevate business performance. I specialize in establishing RPA Centers of Excellence (CoE) and managing Control Rooms to ensure seamless automation governance.
As the Chairman of the Intelligent Automation Congress, I’m at the forefront of driving innovation and knowledge exchange within the IA community. My commitment to advancing the industry extends to my role as the Chief Evangelist at Vincix Group.
I’m also the author of “RPA for Everyone,” a book that demystifies RPA and empowers businesses to harness its full potential. When I’m not speaking at industry events or authoring insightful content, I’m dedicated to researching emerging solutions and technologies that accelerate business innovation processes.
Let’s connect and explore the transformative possibilities of RPA and AI together.

Intelligent Automation Congress was born with the mission to promote and spread the subjects of Intelligent Automation, AI, innovations, and all the topics that will help us to change (and hopefully get it better) our daily work.



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