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The leading and most influential international event on Intelligent Automation.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation - all the global market leaders and brand new players in one event, together to investigate and document how to reimagine intelligent Automation.
The common goal?
Making automation a real business asset.
An international event, a unique opportunity, in an exceptional location, together with key speakers and international sponsors.

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Speakers - 5th Edition


IA Spiegata Semplice

Intelligenza Artificiale Spiegata Semplice is a dissemination and training project by Pasquale Viscanti and Giacinto Fiore that guides enthusiasts of new technologies to discover Artificial Intelligence through its useful applications to improve our lives and our companies.


Assintel is the National Association of ICT and Digital Companies adhering to Confcommercio - the largest business confederation of the Italian tertiary sector. It represents the companies in front of authorities and institutions, protecting their interests, designing initiatives and services to provide concrete support.

RPA Italy

RPA Italy has the mission to promote and spread RPA in Italy, organising targeted conferences and events and sharing international and national success stories. RPA Italy is the Italian reference point for all players in the RPA world.

AI Play

All Artificial Intelligence in one place, explained simply! The official platform of the “Intelligenza Artificiale Spiegata Semplice."


RPA Jargon Buster is an Intelligent Automation Consultant based out of Dublin, Ireland. RPA in RPA Jargon Buster represents "Robotic Process Automation". I work with delivery partners to assist SME and Mid-market financial services and healthcare to scale to Intelligent Automation.

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The International Intelligent Automation Congress

The conference, in its fifth edition, aims this year to investigate how it is possible to reimagine an Intelligent Automation based on well-structured and shared foundations. Too often Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have been introduced into the enterprise without real planning and without using solid best practices.

AI & RPA for the Human Capital

The economic growth resulting from the application of RPA technologies solutions will not replace the existing labour and human capital but will allow us to optimise the way we do business and harness human potential in much more effective and rewarding way. RPA will give us the chance to embrace new AI technologies and thus drive companies towards intelligent automation.

Conference agenda

Thanks to the contribution of authoritative experts, consultants, analysts and authors in the RPA & AI sector, important success stories will be shared, case studies will be told by customers and those who supported them during implementations. There will be interactive sessions and several round tables with live presentations and the opportunity to meet the most important players in the RPA & AI ecosystem. e AI.

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Intelligent Automation Congress
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Intelligent Automation Congress was born with the mission to promote and spread the subjects of Intelligent Automation, AI, innovations, and all the topics that will help us to change (and hopefully get it better) our daily work.


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