12 - 13 OCTOBER 2022
Milan, Italy

First Day - Milan 15:00 - 21:00
Intelligent Automation Workshop
(Admission by invitation only)
A select group of experts will join together to discuss and study how intelligent automation can ensure a better job for everyone.
The workshop will be moderated by Phil Fersht and Thomas Reuner of HFS and animated and led by Ian Barkin, Olivier Gomez and Vincenzo Marchica. At the end of the works, a document will be produced to indicate the strategies for the coming months on the future of work and intelligent automation. At 7 pm we will have the opportunity to continue the networking during the cocktail open to a maximum of 50 participants.

Second Day - Milan 08:30 am – 10:30 pm
5th International Intelligent Automation Congress
  • Keynote by HFS Research
  • Success Cases from the most important Corporations
  • Introduction of the most innovative and promising tools on the scene
  • Real time demos
  • Networking opportunities
  • 121 opportunities
  • VIP Cocktail
  • Speakers - 5th Edition

    Do you have a project completed this year that you are proud of?

    Take part in the IA Congress Award!

    The categories in competition are:
    1. COE creation
    2. Total amount of bots currently in production
    3. Quantity of bots in production during last 12 months
    4. Number of hours worked per year
    5. Total number of hours worked

    To participate, write to: info@ia-congress.org
    You have until September 20, 2022 to send your application

    The International Intelligent Automation Congress

    The conference, in its fifth edition, aims this year to investigate how it is possible to reimagine an Intelligent Automation based on well-structured and shared foundations. Too often Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have been introduced into the enterprise without real planning and without using solid best practices.

    AI & RPA for the Human Capital

    The economic growth resulting from the application of RPA technologies solutions will not replace the existing labour and human capital but will allow us to optimise the way we do business and harness human potential in much more effective and rewarding way. RPA will give us the chance to embrace new AI technologies and thus drive companies towards intelligent automation.

    Conference agenda

    Thanks to the contribution of authoritative experts, consultants, analysts and authors in the RPA & AI sector, important success stories will be shared, case studies will be told by customers and those who supported them during implementations. There will be interactive sessions and several round tables with live presentations and the opportunity to meet the most important players in the RPA & AI ecosystem. e AI.


    RPA Supervisor

    RPA Supervisor increases utilization, stability and performance of your digital workforce. This reduces cost and increases value creation and customer satisfaction, driving increased ROI and efficient scaling.



    We automate your business processes through robotic software to discover new frontiers of productivity together.


    The world's automation marketplace for employers, automation service providers, experts and automation products.


    OT Consulting

    OT Consulting is a reality that has been dealing with and anticipating ICT consulting for the digital transformation of business processes for more than 25 years.

    Today the structure has about 120 professionals capable of helping clients develop their strategies using the best-of-breed technologies of the moment. The goal is to identify and apply technological innovations in order to make processes and the technological systems with which they are implemented more efficient.


    With technologies in automation and artificial intelligence, tasks and processes can be done by software bots and algorithms. This transformation will create a workforce made of technologies.

    Turbotic's goal is to help orchestrate and operate such organizations with an operating system, called Turbotic. No matter if you're getting started, accelerating or scaling up your Automation efforts, then Turbotic is for you. From identifying opportunities, to delivery, operations and value tracking.


    AntWorks™ is a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing. It uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology to unlock, classify and digitise the vital data in the full range of business documents. Its flagship product, CMR+, understands and contextualises information with unrivalled accuracy and minimal intervention. Designed for flexibility, it processes hard-to-read, complex, ‘unstructured’ content; emails, contracts, reports, tables, images and handwriting. CMR+ enhances tried-and-tested technologies with more than 360 proprietary machine learning algorithms using natural language processing (NLP) and pattern recognition, without relying on font libraries or templates.


    Cloud Shore

    CloudShore Inc refines the traditional “process-centric” approach input for automation and creates automation potential by returning to the functional approach (organization-centric, occupation-centric) as part of the refining. This has been coined Process Refining for Automation methodology.

    Soft Strategy

    Soft Strategy is a 100% Italian group of companies specialised in professional services for medium and large sized businesses.
    We have integrated and developed over time our Advisory offer with vertical ICT solutions aiming to Digital Transformation & Innovation.


    PROCESIO is a low/no-code iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) empowering organizations to integrate software/services/apps, process data, and automate processes & workflows. PROCESIO technology is a must-have tool in the toolbox of RPA, Intelligent Automation (IA) service providers, and Software Integration Companies.



    G1ANT makes automation easy and transparent Since 2015! We'll help you scale your organization through business process automation to free your employees from non-creative and repeatable processes. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will allow them to focus on higher-value activities. We can automate processes in different business areas, e.g: HR, Finances, Insurance, Marketing & Sales, Logistics, Telecommunications


    Pointee automatically analyzes your robotic processes and shows you the biggest opportunities for improvement. Save thousands of euros a year on a single process and scale your RPA efforts even faster and more successfully.


    Atomatik is an intelligent automation solution built for process owners. Combining business intelligence with high-volume processing power, Atomatik is a new generation robotic process automation (RPA) software that enables users to streamline their activities by delegating manual processes to digital software robots, resulting in higher business efficiency, reduced operational costs, and the ability to unlock better business opportunities at a fraction of the time.


    Workfellow provides the only plug-and-play solution for uninterrupted process analysis and operational excellence. Fast and automated process intelligence without data wrangling hassle. It's a data-driven platform that automatically analyzes knowledge work operations and identifies inefficiencies in systems, processes, tools, and ways of working.


    Athics SRL is the Artificial Intelligence company of the Yoda Group that develops the platform for the creation of Conversational AI Agents CRAFTER.AI™ Conversational AI is a technology that can simulate the human conversation experience, in a personalized and simplified way, through natural language, to meet the needs of customers and business.


    IA Spiegata Semplice

    Intelligenza Artificiale Spiegata Semplice is a dissemination and training project by Pasquale Viscanti and Giacinto Fiore that guides enthusiasts of new technologies to discover Artificial Intelligence through its useful applications to improve our lives and our companies.


    Assintel is the National Association of ICT and Digital Companies adhering to Confcommercio - the largest business confederation of the Italian tertiary sector. It represents the companies in front of authorities and institutions, protecting their interests, designing initiatives and services to provide concrete support.

    RPA Italy

    RPA Italy has the mission to promote and spread RPA in Italy, organising targeted conferences and events and sharing international and national success stories. RPA Italy is the Italian reference point for all players in the RPA world.

    AI Play

    All Artificial Intelligence in one place, explained simply! The official platform of the “Intelligenza Artificiale Spiegata Semplice."


    RPA Jargon Buster is an Intelligent Automation Consultant based out of Dublin, Ireland. RPA in RPA Jargon Buster represents "Robotic Process Automation". I work with delivery partners to assist SME and Mid-market financial services and healthcare to scale to Intelligent Automation.

    Intelligent Automation Congress was born with the mission to promote and spread the subjects of Intelligent Automation, AI, innovations, and all the topics that will help us to change (and hopefully get it better) our daily work.



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