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IA Congress's mission

The mission of the Intelligent Automation Congress is to promote the themes of AI, RPA, and innovation and their positive impact on our daily work. The Congress was established in 2017 to bring together professionals, experts, and stakeholders in the field of intelligent automation to create a strong network and share knowledge with peers. The goal is to build a community that can work together to make IA a genuine and valuable asset for the world.

The Intelligent Automation Congress seeks to provide a platform for leaders in AI and RPA to share their insights and best practices. By facilitating discussions, workshops, and presentations, Congress aims to raise awareness of the potential of IA technologies and promote their adoption in various industries. The Congress also seeks to foster collaboration between businesses, governments, and academics to drive innovation and advance the field of IA.

A peers network

POsitive impact

In summary, the mission of the Intelligent Automation Congress is to create a global community of IA professionals who can work together to harness the power of AI and RPA for a positive impact. Through networking, education, and collaboration, Congress aims to advance the field of IA and make it a valuable asset for businesses and society as a whole.


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Vincenzo Marchica

RPA & AI Expert

#WebIAr (15)

Shail Khiyara

Founder @ VOCAL Council


Tolani Jaiye - Tikolo

Founder @ RPA Jargon Buster


Ian Barkin

Entrepreneur, Investor, LinkedIn Learning Instructor


Giovanni Baldassarri

EuropIA.it President


Cristina Duta

Director of Intelligent Automation @ AECOM


Tom Reuner

Executive Research Leader @ HFS Research


Sai Krishna Mallam

Founder of askRPA | Chief Technology Officer @ Vincix Group


Armand Angeli

Vice-President, International and Digital Transformation @ DFCG


From 2017 to today, we have brought together the greatest minds in the industry to discuss the importance of AI and RPA technology solutions for companies. The Intelligent Automation Congress reaches its 5th edition this year. About 1000 people took part in numerous meetings and webinars with internationally renowned speakers, organized during these 5 years of dissemination of Intelligent Automation solutions, between Milan and Rome. A journey that has followed and deepened all the growth steps, up to reaching and promoting the technological solutions of Robot Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, their application and the various aspects that make them the future of industry and business.

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Intelligent Automation Congress was born with the mission to promote and spread the subjects of Intelligent Automation, AI, innovations, and all the topics that will help us to change (and hopefully get it better) our daily work.



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